Tuesday, January 13, 2004

I’m freaking out… bought the obligatory digital camera,.. all set, I have been pumping the laptop with shots around the house. Most of H’s shots she’s telling me to piss off! That compliments the Dig Vid camera I have also,… I need a hand for H to crush during birth, and one to hold still camera, one for vid… I need three hands… maybe a Caesar will be a blessing… she’ll probably want to hold my hand up the Paris end. I need to be down the Bagdad end to greet little Xeny…

Mmm.. its gonna be tricky… H’s sister will be there so I think she can handle some stills, and if its an C, the anaesthetist can help… bastard will be getting paid for waiting around at that stage anyway.. right?

There is an amazing peace in the Christo Household at the moment… like the calm b4 the storm…



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