Wednesday, December 17, 2003

So the cot is bought, assembled, and in the room, the car capsule is purchased and imminently part of the car, the stickers are purchased for the walls, and on Friday (or Sat) we pick up the buggy and change table. Last night we had the last of the prenatal classes. Tracy, from Mesada in Caulfield is a riot. She should have her own TV show. The woman talks a mile a min but there is wisdom in them thar lungs. (Thanks Tracy, and BTW, I stand by the claim that washing does/should not take 2 hrs a day).

So nothing stands between us and meeting our child. I am informed, and equipped, yet something tells me, that like war, all the training in the world won’t prepare you, really, for the real thing. The fact of the matter is that in 7 weeks, a stranger will invade my house and my sleep. My wife will probably not want sex for another 6 months after, and I’ll be flat out trying to earn $$ for our business.


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