Thursday, December 04, 2003

The transition continues. I was invited to co-speak at a high school today re being a man. I am into the men’s movement a bit and a mate of mine does this type of thing occasionally thru his business. The last time I was in a high school, I was in high school. While we were talking to these 14-15 yearold boys, most of whom seemed to be lovely kids and certainly developing into excellent young men, I could not help but think that in 12 or so years, my little girl is going to be in this environment. Doesn’t seem like a long time. I also was faced with the reality of being a dad to a girl. What we tell your boys about being men will impact their relationships with our girls. Unless you have all boys for a few generations, it is in our own self interests to teach our boys a balanced approach to man hood, that respects our daughters. Obvious, but obviously not so!


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