Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Pre natal classes number 4 yesterday. 2 more to go. I have to say the permutations and combinations of things that may or may not happen are daunting. We blokes sit thru the class like stunned mullets in awe at just how useless we will really be when the day arrives. Sure, we’ll hold her hand, light the incense, get the CD playing trickle water music against a backdrop of vonwhoever, but reality is that this his her womanhood moment.

It is an amazing push between the medical interventionist policy of zero risk and the midwifery camp who see (as I do) birthing and motherhood as a natural, healthy experience. They opt for a minimalist approach to intervention and I have to say I am more aligned with them than the guy with the face mask and gown. Again, the reality is that I as the sperm donor don’t seem to matter, and at best will be tolerated or used to ‘fetch’. We are at week 31. From 37, its in the any time now stage.


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