Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Hormones seem to be kicking in again. The big day ebbs closer. Russell Crowe had his, now its my turn! I yielded and sent money to an unknown HK businessman yesterday, supposedly buying a new digital camera via eBay. Wish me luck. I figured that I’ll save myself a small fortune in developing prints. This way I can send them to most all I know and print out what we actually want printed. Best of all, we end up just showcasing them off the CDR on the television. How hard can that be (fool).

I slept on the floor again last night, mainly because it’s the best of a bad situation. Helen is uncomfortable, which means she moves about half the night, which keeps me up. I’ve been suffering with a cough and am chesty, so have been snoring excessively. I see me moving into the other end of the house soon. And sex, my imagination has never been better, and thank god for my decadent ways as a single man, else I’d have to buy porn. My exhaustion causes me to be a zombie all day, causing all sorts of other mistakes and errors of judgment. THE KID ISN’T EVEN HERE YET!


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