Monday, January 31, 2005

Well, it was a great day, our baby endured the ceremony in true Christo Style (screaming) and I have to say Father Lefteris is a dude. He is as humanistic a Greek Orthodox priest as I have had the pleasure of meeting. He did a great job as did her Godfather Paul and Helen my beautiful wife.

After the ceremony we sauntered down to the venue on the church grounds, which is in effect an old weather beaten shed, nestled in old massive pine trees that filled your nose with an amazing array of smells.

Around us were scattered families relaxing under trees after the service that had nothing to do with our soirée. It was surreal at one point as I went around the back of the shed to see groups of middle aged women preparing the feast that we would consume. Their hands mushing flower, meats, eggs, and vegetables, all the while singing and laughing together. The men, eagerly around the gyro as it cooked to a perfection for our guests. It was truly a poem in motion.

The kids gave the jumping castle a right hiding, ours and a few other families for that matter.

The photos are still coming, but here’s a peak at our freshly dunked cherub!

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Today is Xenia's last day as a less than 1 year old. Yup, tomorrow is the big “1” years old, and on the weekend, she will be Christened into the wild world of the Greek Culture!! Mind you, she has a couple of loving Jewish (adopted) Grand Parents in Pheonix AZ, and her doting uncle is Persian,.. she is truly a citizen of the world!

Hunting Apollo

First Steps with some help

Apollo!! -- together they are a hand full!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Our little princess saw in the New Year curled up in her cot dreaming of balloons and smiley faces. It was a good night, my wife and I talked about the year that was. Her Godfather & Godmother (to be) came over, and there was some discussion about the upcoming christening. For me I have to say while I still am elated at being her dad, I have calmed down somewhat and am putting some normality back in life.

The big news is that she is managing what can only be described as a pre crawl. She gets around by pushing back, and twisting around. Her vocab is building with a definitive ‘taaaa’ when she is offering or demanding something. I may possibly be “Dah!” which is what she yells when she sees me, however that’s not certain as she says it other times too.

Here she is riding her rocking horse 'Dori'. Dori was the name of her great grand fathers horse! She loves it, and insists on a ride every time she wakes up!