Monday, January 30, 2006

Hey Xenia,… today, as it got near your bed time, I held you to my chest and smelt your warm body, the nape of your neck.. your hair. You wrapped your little arms around my neck and said “good night daddy”..

We went to your room, we said good night to Drago the dragon that protects your window for me every day and night. You smiled at Drago and pointed to him with certainty.

We proceeded to say good night to all the creatures on your bedroom walls. The planets, the stars, the spirals, and last of all Humpty Dumpty sitting precariously on his wall.

I kissed you on your face one last time, and slid you into your cot. You reached for your bear, and tucked your knees under your chest. I pulled the blanket over you, and the last thing I saw was you sucking your dummy slowly, knowing you are half way to Neverland.

Good night my Princess.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

We had a little accident. She is ok, but she has a little cut in her lip. Still a beautiful spunk. Our little one is at 18 weeks this Saturday. Can't wait to meet him/her?

Xenia at the hospital waiting for the plastic surgeon. 27th Dec 2005.

Xenia, looking a little better a few days ago... and back to her old self.

Next little Christo Legend!!