Monday, June 14, 2004

Early mornings I fight to make it into my running gear and get into the 5 am air before my body realizes, and does the right thing and goes back to bed. On my return I glance a moment at your perfectly shaped head looking to one side, steam still coming off my body. Look at your perfect skin, and the slight movement of your pacifier knowing that you are enjoying the entrée to the meal your mother will offer you in an hour or so.

Some times you catch me staring and I am immediately bathed in the most wondrous smile I could ever describe in a lifetime. Its too much happiness, more than my soul can bare. By the time I am shaved and showered and dressed for work, you have escaped the super swaddle your mother wrapped you in. You have worked your tiny hand up through the crossed over fabric and brought it out to reveal something in it you will always hold. My heart!