Thursday, May 06, 2004

She clicked over the 3-month mark last week. I can’t believe how quickly she is growing up. She continues to be a good sleeper at night, the only ‘disturbance’ being a little hoo, haa song she sometimes sings after she feeds at 3am. It’s the most amazing thing. She’s in her own Zen like little place, she sings or cry’s in line with how she feels. There is nothing in it for her. Not tactics or manipulation. If she loves you, she smiles with love, if she is unhappy, she pop’s out her little bottom lip and its plain for all to see.

I think we’ll try and maintain that level of connectedness with her needs. We kinda lose that along the way somewhere I think.

My only gripe is that when I do long days, all I get is a soft peck at her cheek in the wee hours of the morning, or late at night. Even that is ok,.. I know Helen is looking after her, and I’ll make up for it the first chance I get. My time with her, just hanging out is the most important thing to me. Sometimes I just sit and stare at her sleeping, and sometimes when I’m talking to her, she actually looks like she understands that what I just said makes no sense at all (see below).

HEY!!... Are you LOOKin' at ME?

here's some more pics taken over the last month.

Wow, man,... what was in that breast milk?

Helen had her graduation recently, and Xenia was in fine form! Congrats Helen!!

what a cherub!!!