Monday, January 03, 2005

Our little princess saw in the New Year curled up in her cot dreaming of balloons and smiley faces. It was a good night, my wife and I talked about the year that was. Her Godfather & Godmother (to be) came over, and there was some discussion about the upcoming christening. For me I have to say while I still am elated at being her dad, I have calmed down somewhat and am putting some normality back in life.

The big news is that she is managing what can only be described as a pre crawl. She gets around by pushing back, and twisting around. Her vocab is building with a definitive ‘taaaa’ when she is offering or demanding something. I may possibly be “Dah!” which is what she yells when she sees me, however that’s not certain as she says it other times too.

Here she is riding her rocking horse 'Dori'. Dori was the name of her great grand fathers horse! She loves it, and insists on a ride every time she wakes up!


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