Monday, February 23, 2004

I’m not sure what every one is carrying on about re this sleepless night thing.. while my wife may have an alternate vie, I say to all expectant fathers out there, it’s not a problem… hehe

Truth be known, that while I am as grumpy as the next bloke who gets woken in the night.. for our baby it hardly seems a challenge… I say that as a guy who pointed my (loaded) gun at my Army sergeant, after two weeks of being woken up at night to fix other peoples mistakes.

She is 4 weeks old this Wednesday, and 1 full month old on Saturday, and its been like a blink of the eye. She is starting to engage us, with little smiles and special moments (esp during nappy change!!.. ya’ll know what I mean).

BTW, we still have no idea, who sent us flowers from Berlin, but thankyou again. Quick hello to Cusin Gyoula in Athens… Yasoo ksathelfi.


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