Thursday, April 01, 2004

I placed her down to in her cot to sleep and kicked off the rainforest magic CD we use to send her off to dreamland. This kid seems to be able to tap into a place I think we all long for in rest and joy. Sleep for me has always been a joyous haven from the struggles of life, and a necessary reality when I am loving my life. Xenia, once settled and drifting into that world, just before she enters into a rhythmic breathing, cracks it for a smile. A most amazing little smile that I know means she found that dream field with all the pretty flowers, and white clouds. Perhaps that is the ultimate place we all seek to be, wrapped up, drifting off to sleep knowing our mum or dad is happily rocking our crib, with an ache of love in their heart for us.

I had to put this one up.... what a very, "Hey, I'm very ineterested in what you have to say!" little face....


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