Monday, March 01, 2004

Here’s the latest batch of pics. Yes she is growing every day and looking more and more like??? Helen or Me? You be the judge… no one has been able to put their finger on it. All I know is that she is an angel, and we are sleeping at night.
Helen has just taken to being a mum like a fish to water, I have to remind her occasionally, that Xenias the baby not me…

Some friends of ours are expecting twins,.. Imagine the mix of excitement and terror for them. It took me back to when Xenia was 12 weeks and I was trying to communicate with her thru the belly phone. This whole process has been magical, and as the male in the relationship, I struggle to see why every dad doesn’t yell from the top of his lungs when they become a father. Perhaps they do, its just us silly guys are too busy chasing skirt to hear.

Something totally melts inside me when she looks at me… what a girl!

Thanks for your wonderful comments and wishes.



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