Thursday, March 17, 2005

It’s been a while since I communicated what’s happening in Father Land for our little angel Xenia. Things could not be better. She sleeps now after a little controlled crying and some coaching from our dear friend Carlie. While parenthood has been amazing, we have been taken to tears with Xenia always needing to be rocked to sleep. Each night was a dice roll as to whether we would get a full nights sleep. Its like we have our life back.

She is crawls around like a little energiser bunny now and is trying to make words. The little babble certainly means something to her, and she looks so serious when she explains whatever she is explaining. She is moments away from walking as far as we can tell; I only hope to see it when those first steps happen.

She is growing so fast!!

Helen & Xenia on Emylou the Paddlesteamer on the mighty Murray River. Groovy aren't they.

Xenia meets her first Chicken!! The little boy is Marcus Smith, my mates boy in Echuca. Wants to be a Farmer.


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