Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Well, our little man has been with us now for 4 months (this Saturday) and it’s been a wild ride. From bronchiolitis to reflux and many sleepless nights. Helen has worn the brunt of it but I had my fair share too. Of course during that time I had to take over looking after Xenia (as much as possible), run my business, lecture, mark assignments, sell my services, do presentations, review a few coffee places, make sure there was enough doe in the account for everyone to have what they want be it dummies, nappies (diapers). The list goes on, including setting up the Hampton Fathers group which I think is so needed around here.

I have to say its been a ball bonding with Xenia. She and I are the best of buddies, and at night or in the mornings when she calls for “Daddy” I really get a kick out of it.

Vance is growing like crazy. He has boofed out to about 7.9 Kg’s and is maxing out all the metrics (length, head size etc). He is interacting with us so much now its wonderful. We call him the “Smile Monster” because in spite of all the pain and discomfort he experienced with his tummy, he always managed to push out a big cheesy grin (see photos). It continues all the time, I love seeing his cheesy grin.

His character is really coming out now and I am looking forward to some great wrestles, and him becoming my best mate along side my other best mate Xenia.

It’s a wonderful time!!


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