Tuesday, June 13, 2006

It’s the eve of the arrival of our baby boy. Tomorrow we’ll hop in the car at 7am and head off to the hospital. We are planning to go via the beach and catch the sunrise for him on video.

I am delirious with anticipation and excitement. I am terrified that Helen is having another Caesar, but that was the best choice for her. Our baby girl is with her grand parents and they are beside themselves with excitement at having her for two days.

I am doing my best to put aside all the other life concerns like business and money so I can be here in the moment. Its hard, I have to confess, but I am here…. Right here in the moments before I receive another little human into our home. I am delighted he is a boy, as that is the icing on the cake for already having a beautiful girl.

I have faced many moments of reality in my life, including danger and excitement, but the thrill of momentarily being a dad to a little man is unsurpassed for me.

Looking forward to making your acquaintance my son.


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